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Welcome to Marin Autism Interventions LLC

Autism chooses no age, and that is a fact that some children are facing today. Through our services, we aim to provide the proper care and therapy that will help our children with autism face everyday living successfully. With the help of our professionals, we guarantee that we can provide goals that our children can achieve every day, like doing a good deed or learning how to speak about their feelings properly. We hope that with these intentions, we can help our little clients become more open about themselves and help them communicate properly to their loved ones, friends, classmates, teachers, and more.

Our Services

We provide home-based and center-based ABA therapy for children ages 3-12.

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Individual Therapy

Helping our clients face new ways to overcome their daily challenges.

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Behavioral Support

Seeking new methods to provide interventions for challenging behaviors.

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Professional Training

Helping clients learn how to share their feelings and emotions through Professional Training with our experts.

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More Services

Check out the full range of services we offer.

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Our Commitment

Mission Statement

The mission of Marin Autism Interventions LLC is to focus on the challenging behaviors of each client and to help them face these challenges through comprehensive training and therapy, making sure that each of them gets to create better relationships with their loved ones and community.

About Us
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