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Marin Autism Interventions LLC is a veteran-owned and operated small practice that provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to the underserved rural areas of Breckinridge, Meade, Hancock, Fort Knox, and Hardin Counties. We are one of only three companies on the nation accredited by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) in the state of Kentucky. Our company is committed to providing individual and family-based treatment that focuses on behavioral changes that will allow the client to develop meaningful relationships with family members and in the community. We work with local businesses and other resources in our area to help our clients participate in the community. Every treatment plan is unique to a specific client. Services include social skills, natural environment training, discrete trial training, parent training, group activities, and monthly workshops.

The owner, Shannon Priddy-Marin, is a Licensed and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst that earned her Masters of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Spalding University in 2013. She is also a veteran and an “autism mom” with an adult son on the spectrum. Her son received ABA therapy throughout his childhood and is now an independent adult working and living on his own, even putting himself through trade school at Piedmont Technical College in South Carolina. His success inspired Shannon’s desire to train other families in ABA therapy. MAI’s focus is to help each client achieve their full potential and become a member of their community. We focus on the client’s strengths and build on those strengths. This is the entire concept of our company.

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a carefully implemented group of strategies and interventions that applies the science of Behavior Analysis to create a comprehensive treatment program for individuals with behavioral challenges. Behavior Analysis assumes that there is a trifecta of events (antecedent, behavior, and consequence) that creates a functional relationship between a behavior and the consequence over time. ABA attempts to correct inappropriate behavior or deficits by teaching new and appropriate behaviors that can serve the same function and replace the undesired behavior or deficit.

Will Insurance Cover ABA Therapy?

A child must have a diagnosis of F84.0 Autism from a qualified diagnosing provider. The family will need to contact their specific health plan and ask if ABA therapy for autism is a covered benefit. KY has an insurance mandate that requires insurance companies in the state to cover ABA, however, there are some exceptions for self-funded employer plans and some out-of-state employer-based insurance plans. In line with this, we accept Anthem, Humana, and Tricare insurances to help you avail of our services more conveniently.

Our Mission

The mission of Marin Autism Interventions LLC is to focus on the challenging behaviors of each client and to help them face these challenges through comprehensive training and therapy, making sure that each of them gets to create better relationships with their loved ones and community.

Should you have any concerns and questions you wish to relay to us, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will be pleased to cater to your needs anytime.